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Ôno Ranzan is practicing martial arts since his childhood and is Grand Master and expert in different martial arts including Karate, Jû-Jutsu, Chinese Wǔshù, and Japanese Kobudô like Iai-jutsu, Ken-jutsu, or Shuriken.

It is in Japan that he is initiated to traditional and modern Shakuhachi.

He receives a shock listening the CD Reibo of the Grand Master and Successor of the orthodox school of Fuke Shakuhachi Fujiyoshi Etsuzan.

The sacred dimension, the musical perfection and the harmony are omnipresent there. The essence of Shakuhachi is revealed completely through this sublimate music.

After his meeting with Master Fujiyoshi, he learns over again the fundamentals of Shakuhachi to become one of his most assiduous disciple.  

Thereafter, he receives the name Ôno Ranzan as is the tradition when the Master recognizes a disciples as one of his lineage, and is the first and only non-Japanese who received the title of Grand Zen Master of Fuke-shû Shakuhachi (普化宗尺八看主).

Besides Fuke Shakuhachi, Ôno Ranzan is also a renown player of Hitoyogiri and Shinobu-ryû shakuhachi, the shakuhachi of the Ninja.

He raises awareness of the Shakuhachi of the orthodox school by performing recitals and lectures and is teaching his art in Japan and Europe. Not only performing and teaching the art of the Great Fuke School, he makes Jinashi Shakuhachi and Hitoyogiri flutes.

Music contents

Koku 虚空 played by Fujiyoshi Etsuzan

Sonen 想念 played by Ono Ranzan

Yamatoshirabe 大和調 played by Ono Ranzan

Kyorei 虚鈴 played by Ono Ranzan

Mukai 霧海 played by Fujiyoshi Etsuzan

Fukiawaseaizu 吹合合図 played by Ono Ranzan

Murasakino 紫野 played by Ono Ranzan

Yakushinyorai 薬師如来 (hitoyogiri flute) played by Fujiyoshi Etsuzan

Mujo 無常 (hitoyogiri flute) played by Ono Ranzan

Kyorei 虚霊 played by Ono Ranzan

Takasago 高砂 (Shinobu-ryû, ninja shakuhachi) played by Ono Ranzan

Yazagin 夜座吟 played by Ono Ranzan

Sagariha 下りは played by Takahashi Kuzan

Reibo 鈴慕 played by Fujiyoshi Etsuzan

"Shakuhachi" a second digital book, is available in three languages and covers the thought, philosophy, and musical principles of the great Fuke shakuhachi school.

This ebook is enriched with music and scores, a dictionary and a pictionnary, and allow the beginner to the experienced player to learn the orthodox shakuhachi that Komusô monks of emptiness were practicing to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Musical contents

Finger Techniques

Edo lullaby in major and minor modes

Itsuki lullaby

The moon over the ruined castle


Sakura Sakura in Honchô mode

HifumiNoShirabe, Ichigetsuji temple

Shirabe, Ichigetsuji and Reihôji temples

HonteShirabe, MyôanTaizanHa School

Declension of HonteShirabe in Akebonochô mode


Shirabe, Kimpûryû School

TehodokiReihô, Myôanji temple in Kyôto

At the same time, he carries out researches on the history of Shakuhachi of Fuke sect and has published a thesis about the Fuke Shakuhachi, its history, philosophy, and music principles at the prestigious Institute of Langues’O.

“Shakuhachi le zen du souffle”, a digital book fruit of his researches is available on the iTunes App Store, and reveals for the first time some music pieces that were kept secret to the public, including some Hitoyogiri and Shinobu-ryû pieces.

Flutes made by Ranzan